Lenco Brass Counter Weight Upgrade L75 L78

Original price was: $32.99.Current price is: $26.99.

This is another great upgrading for your original Lenco and Lenco Brass Counter Weight Upgrade L75 L78 tonearms.

All audiophile know that picking the right materials for your audio equipment is one of the most important fact whether your equipment sound good or not. And this  become more critical when come to a turntable and tonearm.

We have no idea what metal or alloy Lenco used to make their counter weight 40 years ago. However, we can always use A/B comparison to seek which is better.

In this post, we are selling our Lenco Brass Counter Weight-made counter weight, chrome nicely for appreciation. Once you have the chance to put it on your tonearm, you can easily find out the sound quality, compare to the original one, is more focus. Background is darker, which lead to more details.

There is definitely no loss in any area but just improvement in a positive way. In conclusion, its apply better control of resonance to your tonearm.

Same as any upgrade products we are selling here, this Lenco Brass Counter Weight has 3 months money back warranty if it is not as described.


For more easy understanding of the installation, function and effect of using our Lenco Brass Counter Weight Upgrade L75 L78, we have recorded the following videos for reference.

Lenco Brass Counter Weight Upgrade Pt 1 – Before upgrade:


Lenco Counter Weight Upgrade Pt 2 – CNC Brass Rhodium Plated Counter Weight:


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