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Overhang & offset angle:

When we setting up for the overhang, a little bit of deviation would also results in a time difference between the signals of the left and right channel of cartridge. Every cartridge need to set up before it plays on the record to keep the tracking error in an absolute minimum. Normally, the turntable manufacturer will provide a user manuel which includes the technical specification. It states the overhang and offset angle. However, it’s not precise. (To be Continue……)

Price: (TBC)
(Depends on how complicated of the tonearm, normally 1 – 1.5hrs)


We are using Prelude cleaning systems which within 4 steps to clean your records deeply, you will hear a cleaner, more transparent soundstage, with better harmonics and improved dynamics, top to bottom.

Price: (TBC)(Minimum 10 pcs )