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we believe great music comes from vinyl and we are About to need good turntable to extract them CORRECTLY so that you can be in the REAL MUSIC world.

My name is Anthony and I am a jeweler located in Hong Kong. By chance year About a ago I came across 78 shallec and fell in love with it. So, I started looking for good TT that can play 78 and there is Lenco L75. I bought one from eBay and a Shure 78 cartridge and my 78 listening went well. Of course I also listen to 33 by before Lenco, I was using a Musical Life Symphony MkII. But when I put my 33 on the Lenco, I was surprised by the outrageous sonic difference between idler TT and belt, and I just love it.

Since developing upgrading products become so rewarding, I finally decided to open up my production line for all these upgrade kits in my jewellery factory in China. As we export jewellery to worldwide chain store under exporting requirement, our factory need to be audit by SGS every year to make sure that we are keeping our products to international standard, we are making Lenco upgrading products with the same QC standard.

Happy listening and long live Lenco.
Anthony Wong from
Joyful Day Ltd.

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