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With this video gallery, we would like to demonstrate how a brass (copper) v block sound like in compare to the original rubber one. In this demo, we use the same Lenco turntable. Which we bought from eBay. Which seller already replace the old rubber v block with a new one.

What to find the right VTA angle of your stylus in no time, here is the answer. With this video gallery , we show how to install and the function of our VTA adjustment Kit. VTA angle of the stylus is very important. Because it should be aligned same as the angle of the diamond cutter. So as to obtain the best sound from your LPs. This kit with help you find this angle precisely, systematically and

We like to explore how to upgrade its really perfect performance and bring our Lencos to the next level. We tried almost all kind of bearing materials. Like stainless, ceramic, steel and finally, we settle down on Tungsten Carbide Bearing.