Lenco L75 VTA Ring in Rhodium Plated

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Lenco L75 VTA Ring adjustment Kits:

Hi-end turntable tend to come with a tonearm that can adjust VTA of the stylus because hi-end equipment manufacturers know well how important it is when you want to bring the best sound result out of your records. Some tonearm even provide Lenco L75 VTA Ring adjustment on the fly, but then likely to cost you a fortune.

Turntable like Lenco L75 VTA Ring also allow users to adjust the VTA. To do this, simply unlock those screws at the pivot ring and adjust the height of the pivot tube by HAND so that the stylus VTA change accordingly.
Before we do adjustment of the VTA , we better understand


When the producer and sound engineers finished recording of the master tape, they then are using an electronic cutting stylus to etch the sound grooves in a hard plastic disc with a “Lathe”.

The sound is passed through the sapphire cutting stylus by moving up and down, left and right, tracing out an exact waveform representation of the music to the soft lacquer, and after several steps then pressing the records.

Those grooves are engraved constantly in an unique angle according to the angle of the cutting stylus being set in the process above.

So when we play the record, we need to align the angle of the stylus same as the angle of the stylus of the cutting stylus and there you will obtain the TRUE signal.

Unfortunately, each record company and engineer may set up the cutting stylus angle differently, which means all records from different record companies and era have different Lenco L75 VTA Ring.

But when you find it, we will be able to hear true nature sound stage, plenty of right information, very life and a lot of moving music.

Our VTA kits including:

1. copper make collar which can be fixed tight onto the arm tube.
2. 2 M3 hexagon screws, one long and one shorter. The long one is for the tightening of the anti-skating support spring onto the collar hinge. The short one is for tightening the collar onto the arm tube.
3. A long screw with a circular copper head. It used to be screwed through the hole next to the opening end. This screw is to linearly adjustment the pivot tube up or down easily with the screw on the arm collar are loosen.
4. A M3 hexagon key is included too.
5. M4 set screw for the arm ring. Advantages:
A. Using the hexagon key, easier to tighten and loosen the arm ring.
B. Some of the original tightening screws on the pivot ring are in sharp pointy end, while ours’ are flat. This will allow you to hold your pivot tube height at any level and precisely adjust for the VTA angle you need.


  • 1. Removed all counter weight parts and original -anti-skating spring.
    2. Connect two copper collar and the new copper anti-skating spring(we will not use the original one, just keep it) with the long M3 hexagon screws.
    3. Before fixing the collar, please make sure the fixed part of the arm tube is not less than 15mm, you can do this by loosen screwed arm base and lift the arm tube by your hand, then tighten it when you have 15mm clearance.
    4. Fixing the collar by the short M3 heaxgon screw as the photo shows. The fixing level of the collar shall not interfere the original upper moving cap for Lenco L75 VTA Ring. Please look at the photo to find the right level.
    5. Tighten the short hexagon screw so that the collar is reasonably tightened onto the pivot tube. The gap between the collar when tightening the short hexagon screw remains and the gap should be pointing exactly to the right of the turntable.
    6. The right position of the Lenco L75 VTA Ring should be near to the tonearm but didn’t disturb the normal function of it. Avoiding to scratches or deform the pivot tube. DON’T screw too tight)
    7. Screwing the circular copper holder through the hole to the arm base which is next to the opening end.
    8. Replace the provided set screws on the arm ring.
    9. Re-install all counter weight parts and that’s it!!

For more easy understanding of the installation, function and effect of using our Lenco L75 VTA Ring kits, we have recorded the following videos for reference.

Part 1 – Right Lenco L75 VTA Ring Setting example on Lenco L75
Part 2 – Wrong VTA Setting example on LencoL75

Installation of VTA Ring

The Function of VTA Ring

So, let’s enjoy your Lenco and enjoy more music.


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