Lenco Spindle housing and Bearing System UPGRADE Kits

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BEST money you should spend on upgrading your Lenco turntable.

From our entry level Lenco Spindle housing and Bearing System UPGRADE Kits, we explained how important a good bearing system will effect the sound quality of the turntable.

Also, with no doubt, a stronger bearing house is same important as well.

In order to bring a much better sound quality for your Lenco Spindle housing and Bearing system, we have design and make this kit.

Lenco Spindle housing and Bearing System UPGRADE Kits Contents:
  1. Rhodium chromed precise CNC housing, that can install firm onto the original housing tube end.
  2. An adjustable base, copper CNC made, to replace the original nylatron skeet, which is normally badly deform after ages. One of the source of poor sound
  3. Inside this base, we install a 2mm 999 pure silver well polished plate.
  4. Threee tinny screw that need to tighten the silver plate.
  5. A 5mm tungsten carbide bearing to replace the origin stainless steel one.
  6. 6 screws to fix the new housing reinforcement ring on the to housing tube as well as the separated base.

I am not going to explain further why we choose pure silver and tungsten carbide bearing because these were already mentioned in our 999 pure bearing entry level upgrade page.

What you will get:

  1. Unbelievable sound quality improvement all round.
  2. Easy to handle and replace. Normally completed in 15 min.
  3. 6 months NO QUESTION ASK FREE REFUND. I am always serious with the quality as well as the performance of my products.

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1 review for Lenco Spindle housing and Bearing System UPGRADE Kits

  1. Glenn Goldman

    This device reminds me of an upgrade to my old Well-Tempered Turntable. It was a heavy brass clamp that went around the tone arm well and it made an audible difference. So when I saw this spindle bearing clamp, it made sense to me. I couldn’t find any reviews, so kinda purchased blind. Very, very glad I did. All-around quieter background, cleaner midrange, and an overall more relaxed presentation. Shipping was prompt; arrived in Portland, OR from Hong Kong ten days after I ordered it.

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