Brass V Block for Lenco L75/L76/L78/B55


Upgrade your Lenco L75/L76/L78/B55 turntables with a new pair of Brass V Block for Lenco from youvinylmevinyl.

Things your should know:
  1. The original Lenco v blocks are make with rubber. However, due to aged (these babies were manufactured between 1970 – 1980), hardly any of them can operate in good shape after 40 years. In order to let your Lenco turntable works in its prime performance, upgrade with a new pair of V block is a MUST!
  2. We don’t recommend any new v blocks made of soft materials. (Rubber, PVC, plastic…….etc and similar). Many owners of Lenco always overlooked the proper setting of the tonearm to making sure the weight of each knife is EVENLY balance/rest on the left and right V blocks. Without any proper adjustment, the weight on the left knife is always more heavier than the right, depends on  the weight of the cartridge you are using. Because of this phenomena, those LEFT knifes on the tonearm tend to cut into the LEFT V block harder, making of soft material made V block tend to wear quicker and result to unacceptable working condition. This is why we have chosen to made metallic v block, like brass and silver.
  3. When the LEFT knife is always working in a harder/heavier condition, it also tend to cut into the V block on the LEFT, which being made by soft materials, and lead to incorrect azimuth of the stylus.
Characteristic of Brass V Block for Lenco:
  1. Good durability.
  2. Allow you to apply precise weight balancing of both knifes so that they can sit properly on our Brass V Block for Lenco, result in produce a full and natural sound stage.
  3. They produce the stability  you need when setting up your tonearm. Once well set, the effect maintain as is for a considerable long period.
  4. With Brass(solid) V Block, comparing with those using soft materials, they provide better resolution and more details when playing your records. They sound very natural without any harsh feeling.
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