Solid Idler Wheel for Lenco L75 / L78 (2.5mm)

Original price was: $47.99.Current price is: $43.99.

This is the second version Lenco idler. The main different between the 1st version and this Solid Idler Wheel for Lenco L75/ L78 (2.5mm) is we make the wheel solid with flat surface.

A solid Idler Wheel for Lenco L75/ L78 (2.5mm) without holes proved to be more quiet during operation as there will be less/no noise from by the turbine effect of those with holes on it.The increase mass also provide better working stability.

With this idler, we ship with 2 O rings, 3.1mm OD and 3.5mm OD.

The 3.1mm OD O ring will work more precisely when adjusting the speed with the shaft of the motor.

However, when the surface of the shaft is not good, e.g. it is very common that there are wearing marks at 33.33rpm position, then 3.5mm OD O ring will provide better “cushion” effect to reduce unwanted vibration.

Computerize CNC machine make This idler to it highest precision.

Dimension for Solid Idler Wheel for Lenco L75 / L78 (2.5mm) :

Height at the centre: A. 2.5mm ID version = 15.75mm
Nominal OD: 64.00mm (with 3.1mm O ring)
Nominal OD: 65.00mm (with 3.5mm O ring)

Same as all products from us, if you are not satisfied with the result, we shall refund in full within 3 months after your purchase.


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