Tracking Force Weight for Lenco L75 L78


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Tracking Force Weight for Lenco L75 L78 :

If you are an expert and audiophile with turntable, you will know how significant the VTF Tracking Force Weight for Lenco L75 L78. It can change the quality of your playback.Even 0.05gm change a lot. When the VTF is right, everything get focus, resolution increase. And the groove (a word jazz performers use a lot) comes out.But what can you do with the original VTF weight to increase or decrease just 0.05gm to get the right mood. Well, I bet you don’t want to answer that.

So, we make the NEXT GENERATION Dynamic Range VTF weight for Lenco.
The weight is of the same as the original 19gm, but it is not of one piece. There is a movable copper screw inside the weight. Which a lot you to turn it forward and backward.

In this mean, you can control Tracking Force Weight for Lenco L75 L78 as small as 0.01gm. Now not even the VTF electronic weight can measure.Next time when you hear the band is playing a bit tooo tight, get you butt of the chair and lighten the VTF a bit and see if thing change.
Happy listen with Lenco.


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