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Silver Cartridge Washer


Size : 4.4mm x 0.8mm

Normal washer for the cartridge is used to increase one layer between the screw and cartridge in order to avoid abrasion and scratching to the cartridge. It’s a protection for it. The washers are normal made by lower priced metal like stainless, iron and Aluminum. Some washers are even made by plastic. It just provided protection, cannot increase sound quality.
We tested many materials and found that the 999 grade sliver washer can have normal function as others and increase sound quality. It’s a economic upgraded choice! During the testing, we used the Denon DL 103 Cartridge ($1700) with the sliver washer and found that the sound quality have significant increased. The tone became more smooth and clear. The music image is clearer and serenity. It sounds as good as a $7000 – $8000 cartridge! When you used on a higher quality cartridge , higher outcome you can found!

The advantages of 999 grade Sliver Washer:
1. 999 grade Sliver Washer is mechanical softer, it made more groove for the music
2. It decrease the resonance
3. Positive control for the resonance
Tips for the installation:
Don’t screw too tighten, because it lower the groove and music quality.

Sliver Cartridge Washer is the most economic upgrade parts!!


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