VTA Ring for Ortofon Tonearms

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Most of the classic tonearm seem don’t consider much about VTA adjustment, e.g. all Ortofon tonearms have no VTA adjustment device. However, in order to achieve the best sonic from the record, we know that the right VTA Ring for Ortofon Tonearm angle on the stylus is most important.

To make this happen, we already have develop a unique VTA Ring for Ortofon adjustment kits for Lenco L75/78 turntable original tonearm, and now we develop the VTA adjustment kits for Ortofon tonearms as well.

It suitable for most of the common tonearm like:  AS-212, RK 309, RM 309, RMA-212i , RMA-309i, RMG-212, RMG-212i, RMG-309, RMG-309i, RS-212, RS-212 D, RF 309, S 212, SK 212, SKG-212, SMG-212, TA-110, TA-210 and more……)。
Price USD: $49.99. We ship worldwide.

This kit come with:

1. Copper make collar which can be fixed tight onto the arm tube.
2. 2 M3 hexagon screws, one for the tightening of the collar hinge. The other is for tightening the collar onto the arm tube.
3. A long screw with a circular copper knob. It used to be screwed through the hole next to the opening end. This screw is to linearly adjustment the pivot tube up or down easily with the screw on the arm collar are loosen.
4. A M3 hexagon key is included too.
5. Copper made arm base
6. 3 Set of M3 hexagon screws. (Screwing the arm Base)
7. 2 M3 Screw (Screwing the arm tube)

Function of VTA Ring for Ortofon:

Firstly, You need to loosen two screw on the arm base,
Moving the circular copper knob with clockwise, the arm tube rise and anti-clockwise to lower, Tighten screw it after the adjustment
The scientific principle is to adjustment the arm tube linearly. Also, we strongly suggested you to make a scale on the knob with a marker. So that we can finally found a more clear and precise way to adjust VTA Ring for Ortofon on your turntable, and its easy!!


1. The collar will stabilizes the spindle resonance which improve sound clarity.
2. You can adjust the VTA anytime with easy reference. You can adjust it even when it is playing.


The installation is similar to Lenco VTA Ring, you can see this clip for reference:


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