SME Universal tonearms VTA ring


SME Universal tonearms VTA ring. The best upgrade for SME Tonearms :


Hi-end turntable tend to come with a mechanism that allow the user to adjust tonearms VTA ring of the stylus. Because tonearms VTA ring hi-end equipment manufacturers know how important it is when you want to bring the best sound out of your records. Some tonearm even provide tonearms VTA ring adjustment on the fly, but then likely to cost you a fortune. So, here is our SME tonearm VTA ring come to action.

SME ring  (SME 3009, 3010R, 3012, 3012R….one i have tried on) are the most reputable tonearms in the analogue history. Because of it well designed mechanism and the sound quality they can deliver.

However, when you need to adjust the tonearms VTA ring angle with these gems, you have to do it by your HAND.

We are EXICTING to present you the first tonearms VTA  ring kits that is designed to work linearly and can fix firmly onto the original SME3010R/3012/3012R/3009(so far fit well with this 4 models) pivot collar.

With the dialing screw on the side of the kit, you can now adjust the tonearms VTA ring you want by dialing the screw which can LIFT or LOWER the whole pivot system FREELY and EFFECTIVELY, after loosing the locking screw.

Installation is just nut shell. It is design to tighten onto the original pivot ring with 1 screws. With little skill of adjustment, it will fit on the pivot ring at the same level.

Just look at our photos and you will get the idea. Of course, you are welcome to contact us for help.

So, if you love your SME tonearms, you are going to love this kit.

More information is available on our

Happy listening.

Like all other products in this website, we offer 3 months no question refund if they are not working at described.


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